MPS Kundang Jet Sports Challenge 2010

Kundang Jet Sports Challenge

Tasik Biru in Kundang is set to become a watersports hub for the Selayang constituency.
The huge lake is a perfect recreation area for watersports activities like Canoeing, Rafting, Boatings, Water-Skiing and Jet-Skiing.
The 32ha lake is a perfect spot for jet skiers, anglers and water skiers on weekends.

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If there is a watersports event to be organised in Selayang, Tasik Biru will be the venue.
This event is the second Kundang Jet Sports Challenge at Tasik Biru. The first Jet Sports Challenge was organised two years ago, 2007.
We had 33 participants from a South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia,Singapore and Brunei.
It makes this event an International event for MPS and Tasik Biru is now on the map for jet-skiing. This event was jointly organized by MPS and Selangor Water Sports Association.

Participants in the Jet Ski Challenge competed in four categories : 800 CC, Unlimited , Beginners and Veteran Category.
Thailand's Teera Settura was the only foreigner to clinch the 800 CC category while the other categories were won by locals.

In the veteran category, Mohd Nazar Omar emerged the champion. Mohd Nurfah Afiq won the beginners category while Ron Tan Kim Guan snatched the Unlimited category title.

Besides, adding to the excitement of the challenge were Durian-eating competition, a Peanut-guessing competition, a Colouring competition, a Tarik Tali competition, Cooking competition, Prettiest Car competition and a Lucky Draw offering a refrigerator, a television set and bicycles among the prizes.

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Happening Mini Funfair.

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Professional Chef Style.

Giant "Dam Ular"

Prettiest Car Competition.

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